About Us

Our Vision: 

We want to make the world a little better – with sustainable disinfectants!
Does that sound ambitious? It is! That is why we combine a high level of entrepreneurial competence and the ability to innovate with extensive medical and scientific expertise. Together we have created highly effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable disinfection solutions whose areas of application are almost universal. Our claim? Guaranteeing clean drinking water and harmless hygiene – for a better quality of life for every individual!

Our product: 

Solenal – disinfection with electrolytically activated water.
Solenal is produced by a patented electrolytic process, in connection with a mechanical scheme: Hypochlorous acid is produced from the treated solution and from this, the highly effective disinfection solution Solenal.

What is Solenal?

Solenal is a mineral solution and is made from water and salt using patented electrolysis and a hydraulic scheme. Disinfection with Solenal is highly effective, thanks to the natural biological ingredients (only water and salt), but sustainable. Solenal works within seconds and reliably frees surfaces, hands, rooms and even tap water from bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs or other pests.

How does Solenal work?

The disinfecting component of our solution is the hypochlorous acid (not to be confused with poisonous chlorine), which our immune system also produces in the monocytes or the salt of the hypochlorous acid sodium hypochlorite during hand disinfection. It bursts the envelope membrane of viruses, bacteria etc. and oxidizes them. Germs, fungi and viruses are reliably and permanently destroyed within seconds. There is no resistance to Solenal.